🥳 Celebrating 14 Years of Bondora!

Bondora just turned 14! Thank you to all our customers who have chosen us, supported us, and grown with us over all these years. We are so thankful for you, and we’ll continue to give you the best way to grow your wealth online.

We’ve collected 14 cool facts and stats from the last 14 years to celebrate our birthday. Enjoy!


194,603 total investors

€571 million invested in total

€64 million returns earned

53,253 private Investors with over €1,000 invested

46,623 Go & Grow investors with more than €1,000 invested

Of those 46,623, 17.1% are women

And of those 46,623, 7.1% are pensioners


982,260 borrowers

€2,696 average loan amount

52 months average loan duration

20.9% Average loan interest


110 employees (and counting!)

21 nationalities

Over 50% are women

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