New Record: Over €2 Million in Cash Recovered

September was a big month for Bondora. We celebrated an unprecedented new recovery record, investments soared, and origination growth bounced back. After a slight decline of 2.5%, originations grew by 8.4% to last month. That brings us to a total loan origination amount of €12,296,773. This growth puts us well on track to get closer to our goals.

Bondora recovered €2 million in cash in September.
Bondora recovered €2 million in cash in September.

In September, exactly 2,500 new investors joined Bondora, bringing the total number of investors to 175,309 people. Over €472M has been invested, and investors have earned more than €55M in returns over the last 13 years.

€12,296,773 in loans were originated on the platform last month. This is the highest loan origination amount of 2021 thus far. Estonia, once again, remains the country with the most significant origination share (61.8%). But, it did drop slightly, losing territory to Finland, which now has a 38.2% share—up 1.6% from August. With Spanish loans restarting soon, we’re keen to see how this will change the percentages between these two countries.

After the Secondary Market’s massive growth in August, it will come as no surprise that transactions waned again in September. But perhaps not as drastically as we might have expected. The Secondary Market has been known for see-sawing drastically from month to month, but the change wasn’t so extreme in September. Activity dropped by just 7.8%, bringing the total value of loans transacted to €311,848.41.

In September, we broke our previous recovery record! Jumping by 130%, Bondora recovered €2,346,197 in missed payments! After August’s astounding collection and recovery efforts, we did not expect to see such incredible amounts being recovered again so soon. But the teams had outdone themselves! We want to say thank you again to the superstars who made this happen.

Product funding also saw lots of positive news. Investments increased to €12,153,816, climbing 7.2% from September. This is also the first time we’ve had more than €12M invested since February 2020. This proves that we’re poised to surpass our pre-pandemic levels, and investors are still confident in Bondora’s ability to help them grow their money online. Go & Grow regained some growth (4.3%), but it’s Portfolio Manager (47.3%) and Portfolio Pro (30.4%) that showed significant growth.

In a nutshell:

The incredible new record of over €2M in recoveries steals the show this September. But, we’re also excited about the increase in originations and investments, resembling our pre-pandemic levels. This shows that Bondora is geared to venture into new growth territories in the months to come.

If you enjoy these breakdowns, follow our blog for weekly, more in-depth analyses of the Bondora market. Every month we take a detailed look at aspects like:

  • Loan originations
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  • Product funding
  • Secondary Market

So, stay tuned to better determine your investment strategy, loan portfolio preferences, and more. 

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