€10M in Monthly Investments on the Horizon?

April was another great month of growth for Bondora investments. After a 19.3% growth rate in March, Bondora investments grew another 17.3% to €9,044,042 in April. Could next month be the first time we’ll hit €10M investments for the first time in over a year? We’re excited to see what happens. But first, let’s talk about what happened in April.

Is €10M in monthly investments on the horizon?
Is €10M in monthly investments on the horizon?

For the second consecutive month, all product categories saw higher capital investment from investors. But it was Go & Grow that saw the most monetary growth, climbing to €8,392,850 from €7,144,076 in March. That’s a 17.5% month-over-month growth rate. Meanwhile, Portfolio Pro had the highest month-over-month growth rate of 19.1%. Once again, this continuous growth created a new monthly high for investments in 2021.

Investment by product – April 2021
Investment by product – April 2021

All product categories ended with higher investment totals than in March. Here are their growth rates:

Portfolio Manager: +13.5%

Portfolio Pro: +19.1%

Go & Grow: +17.5%

API: +31.2%

Investment by product

Unsurprisingly, Go & Grow is still the most popular product by a landslide, despite having the 2nd lowest growth rate for the month with 17.5%. But considering that this is an increase of over €1.2M, it’s still excellent. The API had the most phenomenal growth—increasing by 31.2%.

Investment by product – April 2021
Investment by product – April 2021

Investment by product – March 2021
Investment by product – March 2021

Bondora direct sell feature

As a Bondora investor, it’s always good to know that if a time comes where you need immediate capital, you can always sell your loans directly to another investor. This can be done on the Secondary Market using the Bondora direct sell feature. With direct sell, you can even bundle several loans together to sell your entire portfolio, if needed.

To sell loans using the direct sell feature, follow these easy steps:

  1. Select the loans you wish to sell on the Investments page of your Bondora account
  2. Adjust the discount/markup according to your desired sale price
  3. Once the loans and adjustments are made, select the Sell All button at the top of the page
  4. You can then decide whether to sell your loans individually or as a single portfolio
  5. Next, select the Sell to a specific user box and include the investor’s username to whom you are selling
  6. For additional security, you will be prompted to add a PIN code that has been sent to your registered email address
  7. Once this is all complete, select Confirm to complete the sale

If you want to learn more about direct selling, check out this article on our self-help support site.

Up, up, and away

It was another month of double-digit growth for Bondora investments. Totalling €9,044,042 on the month, investors are piling back into Bondora at a steady and sustainable rate. As the global economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic continues, we could even continue to see double-digit growth in the months to come.

Learn more about the different ways to grow your money on Bondora here.

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