2022 Origination and Investment Figures End on a High

Origination and investment figures ended 2022 on a high, literally. A total of € 16,107,253’s loans were originated in December, which is the highest figure for 2022! Similarly, investments also had their peak performance, totaling €16,050,542. Discover more details here:

2022 origination and investment figures end on a high.
2022 origination and investment figures end on a high.

Investment by product

November showed slight declines across all our investment products. Investors added just shy of €14M to their accounts. But last month, there was a vast increase across all our investment products—14.7%. This totaled €16,050,542! Each investment product’s noticeable increase is shown here:

Go & Grow                       + 14.6%

Portfolio Manager          + 17.1%

Portfolio Pro                    + 12.0%

API                                    + 3.3%

Investment by product – December 2022
Investment by product – December 2022

Portfolio Manager had the largest percentage increase, with 17.1%. But this only totaled €288,806 of the total investment amount. Once again, Go & Grow is the standout product with a 14.6% increase, totaling €15,555,370. 96,9% of our investors prefer the hands-off approach of secure, passive investing with Go & Grow.

Portfolio Pro had a 12.0% increase, totaling 204,301. And the API increased by 3.3%, acquiring €1,975.

Investment by product – December 2022
Investment by product – December 2022

Loan originations

In December, loan originations skyrocketed by 14.2% to a peak of €16,107,253. This is an excellent comeback after November‘s decline and the highest figure for 2022. In contrast to November, Spain decreased slightly, while Estonia and Finland substantially increased.

Country breakdown

Finland’s origination total increased by a whopping 19.7% to €9,564,035, which equaled the largest share of originations, 59.4%.

Estonia followed with a 9.2% increase, totaling €5,392,122 in loan originations. This is a total share of 33.5%.

Spain decreased by 2.0% to a total of €1,151,096 in originations. This equals a 7.1% share.

The Netherlands is currently closed for new originations as we evaluate the next steps for this market. This is an essential step in our expansion plans to ensure we only scale markets that offer good-quality loan portfolios for our investors.

Interest rates

As we saw in November, the average interest rate dropped again in December, from 21.7% to 19.9%. As has become the norm, the average Spanish interest rate remains at 21.8%. Estonia’s average interest rate decreased dramatically from 25.0% to 19.9%. And in Finland, it increased slightly from 19.7% to 19.8%.

The Dutch market average interest rate is unaccounted for.

Origination by country – December 2022
Origination by country – December 2022

Risk-rating categories

It is no surprise that C-rated loans remain the most populated risk-rating category across all markets. Estonia’s C-rated share decreased once again from 20.8% to 18.9%. However, the E- and F-rated loans increased dramatically. E-rated loans grew from 1.5% to 4.0%, and F-rated loans increased from 0.7% to 2.1%.

In Finland, C-rated loans declined somewhat from 49.1% to 45.8%. But its D-rated category made up for it, increasing from 5.1% to 11.7%.

In Spain, C-rated loans make up the largest category, declining from 7.6% to 6.3%. And its recently introduced D-rated category climbed from 2.1% to 6.5%.

In December, no B-rated loans were issued in Estonia. And the Finnish B-rated loan share decreased from 2.5% to 1.9%.

Origination by rating/country – December 2022
Origination by rating/country– December 2022

Want to see more detailed information? Head to our public statistics page for the most up-to-date stats!

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