🔴 2022 Q3 LIVE Q&A Recap

On 9 November, we had our 3rd live Q&A session for 2022. It’s become somewhat of a popular tradition that connects you, our investors, directly to Pärtel Tomberg, the CEO and Founder of Bondora.

During the live stream, he shared more about how Bondora is doing and how our expansion plans are faring. He also gave a sneak peek into a revolutionary product we’re working on that customers can use to make the most out of their money.

Pärtel also answered questions investors sent in on Slido beforehand, as well as other questions that were sent in during the live Q&A. Read more here:

Want to watch the original video? Visit our YouTube channel to see all the action.

Thank you to everyone who joined in

If you tuned in to the stream, you’d know that 3 lucky commenters won Bondora sweaters. In the previous live stream, investors once again asked where they could get their hands on Bondora merchandise.

And although we’re not selling them (yet, who knows what could happen in future 😉) 3 lucky investors who either sent in a question via Slido or commented in the YouTube live chat were picked randomly to win 3 Bondora sweatshirts.

Congratulations to ChrisK, Naibaf Thcerbniew, Tayla-Marie! We hope you’ll be cozy all winter long in your Bondora sweatshirts.

Key points from Pärtel’s intro

In 2022, we implemented a lot of changes. But every change was made in the interest of our investors.

  • The world’s current economic outlook is fragile. Financial markets are experiencing turbulent times and high volatility.
  • To top it all off, inflation is still increasing. Investors worldwide have fewer opportunities to earn a stable return on their assets.
  • With this in mind, we are happy to continue to give our Go & Grow investors the opportunity to earn up to 6.75% returns per annum. It remains one of the simplest ways to earn a passive and stable income and help combat inflation.

Launching the Go & Grow Unlimited tier was our response to investors’ demand and desire to secure their financial position through Bondora.

  • With its fast liquidity and unlimited investment amount feature, Go & Grow Unlimited continues to be a much better offer than, for example, bank savings accounts or long-term deposits.
  • It also provides investors with another option to earn a stable rate of return. Go & Grow Unlimited can be seen as an excellent opportunity to invest without limits and have another stream of passive income.
Small office celebrations for opening the Dutch loan market.

Scaling the business and opening new markets

  • Our expansion plans took flight in 2022. On 23 September, the Bondora Dutch loan market was opened, giving borrowers in the Netherlands the opportunity to access Bondora’s life-changing personal loan services.
  • The Netherlands will certainly not be the last expansion this year. We are working on launching up to three more countries before 2023.
  • Customer growth in Spain exceeded our expectations. The demand for a trustworthy, responsible lender in Spain is evident in the interest from Spain-based borrowers.
  • But besides expanding into new markets, we are also expanding our loan portfolio organically by launching new products in existing markets. Within the Estonian market, there are 2 new loan products available. The first is Loan Refinancing, where our customer value proposition is lower monthly payments. And the other is the Bondora Boost app, which allows customers to increase their credit, based on their creditworthiness, with just a few taps on their phone.
  • By expanding our services to borrowers, we help empower more people to have less financial stress, and we become a more attractive lender, which strengthens our loan portfolio. We will be scaling these services to our other markets soon.

The Personal Financial Assistant

  • We are expanding our business horizons further than investing and lending. We are in the process of creating a Personal Financial Assistant, right now, lovingly known as the PFA.
  • The PFA will give the customer insights and guidance into their financial behavior and share how Bondora can give financial solutions that meet their needs.
  • A beta version is currently available to existing investors in Estonia, Austria, and the Netherlands on our Go & Grow app. If you are based in these countries, I encourage you to try it, gain insights into your financial behavior and send us feedback.

Let’s take a look at some of the most upvoted questions from our investors:

Slido question: (translated) ‘The inflation is rising and rising, will there be an increase in interest rates for borrowers and returns for investors?

Slido question: ‘When will you raise the limit for monthly deposits in Go & Grow?

Slido question: ‘What safety measures exist to protect the investors if there is an EN and Russia conflict? What happens with the capital of investors?

Want to see Pärtel’s answer to these highly requested questions? Head over to our YouTube channel to watch the full recording.

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