2022 Q4: Go & Grow Portfolio Review

Do you want to know more about how Go & Grow works? Are you curious to know more about the underlying portfolio? Well, then, this portfolio review article is perfect for you.

We’ll take a closer look at the Go & Grow 2022 Q4 portfolio distribution, the percentage division amongst loan ratings, and more interesting statistics about the people investing in Go & Grow.

Let’s dig in!

Grow your future wealth effortlessly with Bondora.
Grow your future wealth effortlessly with Bondora.

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Go & Grow portfolio: Credit ratings

Diversification is at the core of our business, and the Go & Grow portfolio is the poster child for diversification. Instead of investing everything in only one credit rating, we spread investments across 8 ratings, from the lower risk AA to the higher risk HR.

By investing in several different loan pieces across multiple ratings, the Go & Grow portfolio helps you easily get the most out of your investment.

Go & Grow Credit Rating Portfolio Overview – December 2022
Go & Grow Credit Rating Portfolio Overview – December 2022

In the last quarter, B and C-rated loans were the only risk ratings to increase. However, in Q4, C, D, and E-rated loans were the only increasing risk rating categories. The remaining ones all decreased.

Once again, the most significant share and growth came from C-rated loans. This risk rating category increased from 34.7% at the end of Q3 to 37.9% at the end of Q4.

D-rated loans increased slightly from 21.4% to 21,6% and remain the 2nd largest category in the Go & Grow portfolio.

For the 2nd quarter in a row, the B-rated loans remain the 3rd largest category with a slightly smaller 12.0% share. Once again, following in a close 4th place is E-rated loans with a smaller 11.8% share. F-rated loans follow in 5th place, with 10.3%.

HR-, A- and AA-rated loans remain the outlier with the lowest distribution figures. HR-rated loans still have the smallest share, remaining at 0.8%. AA and A-rated loans both decreased slightly.

This risk-rating split is mirrored in the overall Bondora portfolio (as shown below in the Total Bondora origination by rating and country chart lower in this blog post).

Go & Grow portfolio: Country of origination

The year ended with the strongest quarter for originations of 2022. The Q4 total originations was €45,275,927 – the highest of the year. This is an average of €15,091,976 per month. December was also the best-performing month of the year, with €16,107,253 originated across Estonia, Finland, and Spain. The Netherlands market was closed for more testing but was reopened in January 2023.

Go & Grow Portfolio Distribution per Country

After steadily climbing every month, Finland has finally surpassed Estonia as the market with the largest share of originations. It now has a 46.9% share.

Estonia’s share declined to 45.9%, just 1% less than the Finnish share.

Continuing its growth trajectory, Spain continues to grow, now with a bigger share of 7.2%. Since September, this market has been steadily originating well over €1M worth of loans every month. It had its highest amount for 2022 in November, with €1,174,809.


Go & Grow portfolio distribution by country – December 2022
Go & Grow portfolio distribution by country – December 2022

Loan Origination Risk Rating and Country Split

Below is the total distribution of originations across Bondora (not only for the Go & Grow portfolio) in December 2022 (the end of Q4).

It is no surprise that C-rated loans remain the most populated risk-rating category across all markets. Estonia’s C-rated share decreased once again from 20.8% to 18.9%. However, the E- and F-rated loans increased dramatically. E-rated loans grew from 1.5% to 4.0%, and F-rated loans increased from 0.7% to 2.1%.

In Finland, C-rated loans declined somewhat from 49.1% to 45.8%. But its D-rated category made up for it, increasing from 5.1% to 11.7%.

C-rated loans make up the largest category in Spain, declining from 7.6% to 6.3%. And its recently introduced D-rated category climbed from 2.1% to 6.5%.

In December, no B-rated loans were issued in Estonia. And the Finnish B-rated loan share decreased from 2.5% to 1.9%.

If you want to read more about our portfolio stats, follow the regular updates on our blog.

Total Bondora origination by rating and country – December 2022 (€16,107,253 total originations).
Total Bondora origination by rating and country – December 2022 (€16,107,253 total originations).

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Investing without limits

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Are the Go & Grow and Go & Grow Unlimited return rates guaranteed?

While it’s great to say we’ve delivered on our promises to investors so far, we want to ensure you’re aware of possible risks.

The return rates for Go & Grow and its Unlimited tier are not guaranteed; however, with our solid 14-year track record, we believe the return rates are achievable.


The plan for Go & Grow and its Unlimited tier was always to have a product with fast liquidity for investors.

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  • The investor will receive their entire withdrawal once there’s enough money available in the Go & Grow portfolio, generated via other returns or investments.
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