🎊 2023 Recap: Bondora’s Biggest Moments

2023 is almost at an end. And before we take the first steps into the New Year, we wanted to thank you for being part of our story this year. Knowing you chose us to help effortlessly build your wealth is an incredible feeling. So, let’s rewind and recap some of our biggest moments in 2023. 

Our favorite number of the year  

Let’s kickstart this Bondora recap with our favorite statistic from 2023. The total number of Go & Grow investors grew by 26.9%. More and more people choose effortless investing to get the most out of their money.  

Here’s an easy link to sign up if you haven’t started investing with us yet 😉  

And in July, investors earned €100M in total returns since 2008. What an incredible milestone! 

Unleashing simple hands-off investing 

At the start of 2023, we said goodbye to Portfolio Pro and Portfolio Manager and shifted our focus to take Go & Grow to the next level of swift, passive investing. Which leads us to… 

The biggest update of the year 

In mid-October, we kicked off the release of our upgraded Go & Grow super product. The core benefits are one-click investing, automation, and smart withdrawals.

Bondora birthday 

On 21 March, we celebrated our 15th birthday! Once again, thank YOU. You’ve made our last fifteen years possible. We can’t wait to see where the future will take us all. 

You’ve made our last fifteen years possible.
You’ve made our last fifteen years possible.

Lights, camera, action! 

Since 2020, hosting a video Q&A with Pärtel Tomberg, our CEO and Founder, has become a popular tradition. This year, we held it in July, and it was great to connect directly with investors and answer your queries again. If you missed it or want to rewatch it, check out the video here.   

Pärtel Tomberg, CEO and Founder of Bondora

Helping more people accelerate their goals and dreams drives us forward. Always has, and always will.
Pärtel Tomberg, CEO and Founder of Bondora

Collaborations and partnerships 

We’re a proud partner of kood/Jõhvi coding school. This year, we hosted our first workshop with kood/Jõhvi students. They got the opportunity to create real-life solutions in teams with the support of Bondora mentors. We had a blast sharing ideas with the talented next-gen. Read more here

We’re a proud partner of kood/Jõhvi coding school.

Throughout the year, Bondora Group onboarded 5 new loan partnerships. These include Zmarta, ETUA, UNO laina, and affiliates Draivi and Centeo. Collaborating with these established partners allows Bondora Group to expand its loan offerings and help more people live their lives with less financial stress. 

Humbling achievements 

CNBC, a world leader in business news, has announced its top 200 fintech companies worldwide. And this year, Bondora features on this prestigious list. We’re thrilled and honored to be listed among fintech legends. 

Bondora was selected as #22 on Estonia’s top 30 startups list, up from #23 last year. Thank you to our team of Bondorians for dedicating your talents to helping our customers and changing the world 💚💙 

Latvia launch  

On 8 December, Bondora loans became available in Latvia. With every new loan market the Bondora Group company launches, your investment portfolio becomes more diversified, which gives you even more peace of mind when investing with us. We’re excited to expand our footprint across Europe and launch the Bondora Group’s credit services to our Baltic neighbor.  

Bondora by numbers

42% of Bondorians are parents. There’s also a kid’s playroom in our new office. It’s a manifestation of our Gold level Family Friendly Employer status 👪 

Want to join us? Check out our open positions here

A bigger team needed a bigger home  

With 86 new hires, it was becoming clear that we needed a bigger space. So, in June, we moved into our brand-new office, and we’ve loved it ever since.

An office with a view
An office with a view
Our HQ in Tallinn, Estonia
Where the pancake magic happens.
Where the pancake magic happens.

Bondora 2023 recap done!

And that’s a wrap on Bondora’s 2023 highlights! Stay tuned to see what steps we’ll take to make your 2024 investor journey even better.

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