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Hi viewers! Here at Bondora, we know that everyone invests differently. That’s why we have 3 unique investment products to suit your investment style.

Our 3 three main investment options are Go & Grow, Portfolio Manager, and Portfolio Pro.

Go & Grow is our most popular product, because:

  • it’s easy to use
  • has a stable net return of up to 6.75%*
  • it doesn’t require a lot of input from you
  • and it’s lower risk than our other products.

If you’re new to investing, or want something that’s lower risk, and is almost hands-free, then Go & Grow is a great choice.

You might want to try Portfolio Manager if you want to:

  • choose your risk-return strategy
  • and have a semi-automated experience, but don’t want to be completely hands-off

Portfolio Pro is great if you:

Which product do you think is perfect for you? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe to our channel for more videos. Until next time, thanks for watching, keep investing and bye for now.

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