4 major benefits of the new Portfolio Manager


You can start investing in only two steps: first, select your desired target risk-return and second, agree to terms and conditions. The Portfolio Manager does the rest.

New Portfolio Manager


You now only have to set your Portfolio Manager up once and it will invest at your desired risk-return level. There’s no need to reactivate it at any point in the future even if allocations in your portfolio change over time. The new Portfolio Manager will adjust to these changes on its own.

The Portfolio Manager invests into new loan applications periodically throughout the day. It analyzes your current portfolio, your available capital and all loans available on the market and invests in a sub-set of loans that help you reach your risk-return target the fastest. Just keep in mind that lower risk loans are always preferred over higher risk loans.

P2P lending TIP: Reinvest your returns, don’t let returns sit idle / Use automation to invest-reinvest


Over time your portfolio will most likely change in its allocation and risk level. When previously you had to make all the changes and adjustments manually, now the new Portfolio Manager monitors your portfolio’s current risk-return automatically. Based on the changes it will continuously adapt its future investments to provide you with a portfolio level risk-return that matches your selected level.

The Portfolio Manager continuously measures the risk-return of your portfolio by calculating its weighted average risk. This risk factor is compared to the risk-return target you have set through the product interface and the calculation is done before each investment decision to determine the types of loans that can be added to your portfolio.

New PM_Automatic Risk Balancing


Having a proper diversification is one of the criteria that has the biggest effect on your return. The new Portfolio Manager will make implementing this recommendation a seamless experience since it is fully automated.

The Portfolio Manager takes into account your portfolio size and adjusts the size of each investment that provides an optimal diversification level. Larger portfolios will invest in larger amounts and smaller portfolios in lower amounts. Bid amount changes as your portfolio size changes.

P2P lending TIP: Diversify your loans / Spread your money over many loans

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