€700 Is the Magic Number

Go & Grow investors, we’ve got exciting news for you. The monthly Go & Grow limit of €400 has been raised! That means that from today onwards, you can invest up to €700 net into your classic Go & Grow account every month.

€700 is the magic number.
€700 is the magic number.

As you know, we use data and research to help us make decisions that will keep our platform stable for you, our investors. And so we’re happy to say that €700 is the magic number for our shared sustainable growth.

We know you’ve been waiting for this news, so thank you for trusting the process.

We understand you want to invest your money securely and with peace of mind. From our side, that means building a secure platform so you can feel confident in growing your money and reaching your financial goals.

Invest in Go & Grow now

From 24 August 2022, our up to 6.75%* return Go & Grow tier with a monthly investment limit became temporarily exclusive to existing investors. New investors who joined Bondora after 24 August would only gain access to the Go & Grow Unlimited tier, where they can invest unlimited amounts and earn up to 4% returns p.a.*

Invest without limits with Go & Grow Unlimited.
Invest without limits with Go & Grow Unlimited.

If you only invest using Go & Grow Unlimited, your experience remains unchanged, and you can enjoy all these benefits:

💚No monthly limit – Invest any amount to earn compound returns of up to 4% per annum*

💙Superfast liquidity – Access and withdraw your money at any time, whenever you want

💚No management fees – Just add money to start earning

Simply sign in, invest, and get even more out of your money.

Invest with no limits

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