A recap of our top Go & Grow tips in July – Peer-to-Peer lending

This month, we highlighted many features of Bondora’s most popular P2P product – Go & Grow. Catch up with the latest tips below.

1. Go & Grow – Faster liquidity

You can cash out your investment with minimal effort and no excessive withdrawal penalties with Go & Grow. To withdraw, log in to your Go & Grow account, select the settings icon and click “Withdraw“. Specify the amount to be withdrawn and complete the process.

The money will then be shown in the “available funds” section on your main Bondora account dashboard. To withdraw the amount to your registered bank account, select the “withdraw funds” tab from the main menu.

2. Go & Grow – Create a goal

If you are a runner and decide to participate in a race, you will have a clear goal in mind — the distance you need to run and the way you’ll get there. Otherwise, it’s difficult to pace yourself and implement a plan to achieve this goal. You cannot sprint the distance of a marathon and the same goes for investing — creating a strategy and sticking to it is crucial to achieving your goals.

To put this into Go & Grow perspective: you enter your starting capital amount, the amount you plan to invest monthly, and the duration of time for which you plan to invest. We then combine this with our offered return rate to give you the “potential gain” figure.

3. Go & Grow – Multiple accounts for different goals

Perhaps you have several reasons and purposes for investing in mind. No problem — just create multiple accounts within Go & Grow which will be independent of one another.

From your Go & Grow page, click the “Create a new Go & Grow portfolio” button, choose the purpose that suits you most, then edit your goal on the next page and click “Create Go & Grow portfolio“ button to complete the process. It’s that easy!

What’s your favourite Go & Grow feature? Let us know!

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