A recap of our videos in July 2020

In the month of July, we discussed payment related topics, some new changes in Go & Grow and financial smartness. Dive in below for details.

How long does it take for my payment to arrive? – Bondora

Hello viewers! Adding money to your Bondora account is a vital part in the investment process. In this video, we’ll discuss the different waiting times for the various payment methods when adding money to your Bondora account.

It takes between 1 to 3 business days for most transfers to go through. Once the money is in your account, you’ll get a notification. You can change these notifications from your dashboard under ‘Manage preferences’ at any time.

Manage preferences - Bondora

SEPA bank transfers may take up to 3 business days. If you haven’t received the SEPA payment after more than 3 business days, please email our support team at investor@bondora.com

If you use TransferWise, payments could take up to 5 business days.

If you forgot to add your reference number in your payment description, it means the process might take longer, as we need to manually match your payment to your account. Please email our support team via investor@bondora.com and provide a payment confirmation, such as a bank statement, with your name and details about the payment on it. Our team is happy to help you.

And that’s it! We hope this video has been helpful. If you want to know more, leave us a comment below and subscribe to our channel for more videos. Until next time, thanks for watching, keep investing and bye for now.

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Tips: 5 signs you’re going to be a millionaire – Bondora

Hey viewers! Who wants to be a millionaire? I do, and I’m sure you do too. But did you know, there are 5 signs that identify people who are more likely to become a millionaire? Keep watching to see if you have them.

1. You know the difference between wants and needs

Knowing the difference between what you want and what you need is what makes you financially smart. By not spending money on things you don’t need, you can use the money you have, more efficiently.

2. You think practically about your purchases

Everyone wants you to buy something. But, if you’re able to withstand the social pressure and be smart about the products you purchase, you won’t waste money on something that isn’t a good long-term investment.

3. Saving is your middle name

It doesn’t matter if you make millions every year, if you can’t save the money you have, you’ll never be a millionaire. Start small, be consistent and keep growing your investment to reach your financial goals.

4. You’ve got a clear plan for the future

Having a financial plan is vital. If you have a 5-, 10-, and 30-year financial plan, you’ll reach your financial goals quicker than someone who doesn’t plan for their financial future.

5. You’re open-minded

If you’re open-minded, you’re more likely to find solutions to your financial problems, regardless of where they come from.

And that’s it! These are the 5 signs that you could become a millionaire! But, the important thing to remember is, anyone can do it! If you have the right mindset and prioritize your expenses, you too can become a millionaire. Use these 5 guidelines in your pursuit to become a millionaire. You can read more about it in our blogpost – click the link in the description.

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Wallet – For even better investing – Bondora

Hey viewers and welcome to another video from Bondora. In this video, we’ll take a look at the new Wallet feature and how it makes investing with Bondora even better than before.

Go and Grow platform updates

Wallet shows you the total cash available for you to withdraw from your Bondora account to your bank account. You can access Wallet from your Dashboard.

Wallet makes withdrawing money from your Go & Grow account faster and easier. Just click on the burger icon, select Transfer to Wallet, and confirm the amount you want to withdraw from Go & Grow.

Remember, there’s a small €1 fee when making a Go & Grow withdrawal to Wallet.

Then, once the money is in Wallet, you can withdraw it directly to your bank account. Most payments are instant, but it can take up to 3 business days, depending on your bank.

And there you have it. Go & Grow withdrawals made even easier than before.

At the moment, not all investors can access Wallet. But, once it becomes available to more investors, we’ll let you know. Subscribe to our channel for regular updates.

Until next time, thanks for watching, keep investing and bye for now.

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Tips: Stick to your financial strategy – Bondora

Sticking to your financial strategy can be tough, especially during difficult economic times. But today I’m going to share with you why it’s crucial that you stay on course and don’t veer off your financial plan.

In times of crisis, the first natural response is to panic. We’ve seen this first-hand with the current international health and financial crisis. However, just because society is alarmed, doesn’t mean it should affect your financial judgement or lead you to make rushed decisions. Yes, markets are affected and the economy is struggling, but that doesn’t mean your Bondora investments will also be impacted negatively.

With buffers built into products, our returns have been kept stable, even throughout a time of crisis. This is evident with Go & Grow, where our investors still receive up to 6.75%* per annum.

Lars Wrobbel, one of the biggest names in p2p lending, also advocates investors to not react out of fear.

He advises you to believe in your strategy that has been working for you and to not abandon it in a rush. Hasty decisions are usually bad ones.

You can find the link to his blogpost in the description.

Our economies are resilient and will bounce back after this crisis period – meaning your investments will continue to be profitable, as long as you stick to your long-term strategy.

Leave us a comment below and tell us whether you stuck to your financial strategy or adapted it during times of crisis.

Remember to subscribe to our channel for more videos. Until next time, thanks for watching, keep investing and bye for now.

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Bondora CEO answered your questions – Bondora

Bondora did its 3rd live stream Q&A on YouTube and Facebook. Pärtel Tomberg, Bondora’s CEO, discussed our 2019 financial results, as well as questions that you, our investors, sent in. If you watched the live stream, then you’ve already heard the great news we wanted to share with you.

Did you miss it or want to see it again?

If you want to know even more about out 2019 financial results, you can download the full reports and read our blogpost here.

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