A recap of our videos in May 2020

In the month of May, we reminded you on how you can make use of Bondora support, why we think creating an investment plan is a great idea, the home address issues you may face when completing the KYC on our platofrm and last but not the least, our updated bank account details for payments to your Bondora account. Dive in below to catch up.

Need Support? Bondora Support team helps! – Bondora

To find the answers to most commonly asked questions from, please visit our Support Center. You can access it if you click on a tab called ‘Other’ in the upper right corner of your account page and choose Support.

Sometimes you might need additional help. In this case, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team by writing at investor@bondora.com. We provide support in English, German and Estonian.

To ensure the safety of the accounts, we cannot share any confidential information via other channels like Facebook or Instagram, or send it to an email address which doesn’t belong to you (not registered with us). Please send your requests from an email account that is associated with your user. Our team is happy to assist you and tries to get back to you at the earliest during business hours.

Why creating an investment plan is a good idea – Bondora

Imagine your shopping for groceries without a list or buying a car without any knowledge of why you need the car. You most likely will end up making unwise purchases. In the same way, having an investment plan is no different from having a plan for anything else.

Let’s look at some tips for making an investment plan

Current financial status: Before you can get started on an investment plan, you must have a clear picture of your finances today – your incomes, assets and liabilities.

Goals: While determining your investment goals will need to take into account many factors such as your current financial status and knowledge, age, your purpose for investing, risk tolerance, etc.

Risk: All investments involve some degree of risk. In finance, risk refers to the degree of uncertainty and/or potential financial loss inherent in an investment decision. So there’s no reward without risk, but based on your experience and personal risk preference, you should consider the level of risks before starting.

Why can’t I insert my full home address? – Bondora

In order to protect our customers’ investments, we must contribute toward building a stable and transparent financial system. This among other things means complying with different KYC & AML rules (Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering). One part of these rules is to determine your address of residency.

When trying to insert your full home address to the KYC form, it’s sometimes possible that the system may not recognize the address as it is entered. If this happens, please enter your address as it would appear in Google maps. Watch out for any special characters as it may not accept them.

If the address does not populate, please enter the nearest address that will and let us know by writing to our support which details are missing, so we can check and help to update it for you.

That’s it for today, connect with us on Facebook @bondoracapital and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos. Until next time, thanks for watching, keep investing and bye for now.

Updated payment details – Bondora

Hi there! I hope you are all well.

Today’s video is about payments. For those of you who haven’t yet noticed or have, and are wondering, I’d like to inform you that we’ve changed our partner bank recently and switched to LHV bank, to ensure your payments reach your Bondora account even faster.

What do you need to do?

Next time you add money to your Bondora account via regular bank transfer, make sure to use the updated details. No need to mark them down, simply take the updated details from “Add money” tab on your account.

That’s it for now. Remember to connect with us on Facebook @bondoracapital and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.

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