A recap of our videos in November – p2p lending

In the month of November, we focused on payment options, explained some of the dashboard terms and provided some info on our 3 investment options. Jump in the details below.

Add money directly to Go & Grow

Along with many cool features of Go & Grow, you can add money directly to your Go & Grow account using 5 different options.

You can transfer directly from your main Bondora account or use Trustly, VISA/MasterCard, SEPA or Transferwise.

To do this, simply click on the Go & Grow tab, select the blue “Add money“ button and on the next page you can choose your preferred option.

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Go & Grow recurring deposits

If you want to make automated deposits to your Go & Grow account, look no further

Click on the Go & Grow tab and then click the “Add money“ button. On the next page, choose the VISA/MasterCard option. Fill in your details and click “Make a payment with credit card“. On the next page, enter your card details and click “Continue“, then you’re ready to go!

If you’ve already set up a recurring payment on your main Bondora account, you’ll need to cancel this first before you can activate it for Go & Grow.

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Available funds vs Account value

Your dashboard panel gives you a summary of your account’s performance and highlights some important figure – part of which is your account value and available funds.

Your account value shows you the worth of your Bondora account after the overdue principle have been deducted while your available funds represents the amount of money which is available for you to withdraw or re-invest in to loans.

To read more, you can move your mouse over each tab on your dashboard panel for descriptions.

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Bondora’s 3 investment options

At Bondora, “a one size fits all“ product doesn’t work, this is why we’re leaders in providing investment choices.

We have three main investment options which are Portfolio ManagerPortfolio Pro and Go & Grow. They are designed to fit into the different categories of investors we have on the platform.

For example, if you would like to have some custom settings on your investments, then the Portfolio Pro is your choice.

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