A recap of our videos in September 2019

In the month of September, we looked into the importance of verifying your Bondora account, matters relating to card withdrawals, investing through the Portfolio Pro and transferring money from Go & Grow to main account. Dive in below for more.

Do I need to identify my Bondora account?

At Bondora, we ask all our customers to complete the identification process which is a requirement of the EU Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Directive.

This means that we need to verify both your ID and personal bank account before you can make withdrawals from your Bondora account.

Don’t worry, this is an easy one-time process developed to help ensure your money is safe and at the same time enhance your user experience. So, to finalize your identification, go to the “Verify“ tab on your withdrawal page and complete the missing steps. It’s easy!

My Portfolio Pro is slow or is not investing. Why?

Among other benefits, the Portfolio Pro gives you the option to set the loan duration, loan rating and loan country.

So, if you have activated your Portfolio Pro but is hardly investing or is too slow, it could be because the criteria you have set.

The Portfolio Pro estimates the investing opportunities based on the criteria you have set and you can try out different criteria, like changing your loan duration to access more loans.

Unsuccessful card withdrawals

If you’ve made a withdrawal to your card and received a failed message, don’t panic. It is possible that the card expired.

So, in order to protect your transaction, the withdrawal will be automatically redirected to your bank account by the system if your bank account is verified, and if your bank account is not yet verified, the funds will come back to your Bondora account.

Also, to avoid unnecessary delays, remember to complete your bank account verification if you haven’t done so.

How to withdraw money from Go & Grow to main account

If you’re already using Go & Grow and you want to invest part of the money through other products like Portfolio Manager or Portfolio Pro, that’s easy. All you need to do is withdraw the money from your Go & Grow account to your available funds.

Simply select “Withdraw” from your main menu, then select “Bondora” in step one. In step two, choose the Go & Grow account you want to withdraw from, then in step three, enter the amount and confirm it. The money will then be withdrawn to your main account available funds and your preferred product can start investing from there.

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