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Hello there! And welcome to today’s video from Bondora.

When you log in to the platform, the Dashboard provides you with a quick overview and status of your account. You will see several different values listed there. While many do overlap, each one is calculated differently and gives you different information. Keep watching to learn the difference between the account value and portfolio value figures.

Account value

Your account value represents the total worth of your entire Bondora account after any overdue principal has been deducted. It includes the outstanding principal of the investments in your portfolio, as well as money in your Wallet, Reserved funds, and Go & Grow account.

Portfolio value

The portfolio value is the total value of future payments expected from your loan portfolio, based on your cash flow probability assumptions. Or simply put, it is the outstanding principal minus the overdue principal.

To read more about the figures on your Dashboard, hover your cursor over the value for a brief description.

We hope this helps you to understand these Dashboard values better.

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