Adding money to Bondora account – outside of Eurozone (Video)

Click here for the German or Estonian video.

Do you have a non-euro bank account and you’re worried about the high transfer charges? Well, you need not. Here’s a tip that might help you save money.

If TransferWise operates in your country, you can use it for your cross-currency transactions to help to save money on currency conversion costs. Another option is to set up TransferWise Borderless account which allows you to make transfers to your Bondora account usually at considerably lower charges than via an international bank transfer.

Once you send money via a service like TransferWise, please remember to provide us a screenshot of your bank details page, so we can verify them for your withdrawals. And don’t hesitate to contact our support if you have any questions –  our team is happy to assist.

I hope this tip was helpful. For more tips, visit our blog page and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Until next time, thanks for watching and bye for now.

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