April: Highest Origination and Investment Figures for 2022

In April, we saw solid increases for originations as well as investments. Loan originations increased to €15,697,955 and investments to €15,548,882. These are the highest figures for 2022 thus far. There were declines in Secondary Market activity and cash recoveries, but the number of missed payments increased by 2.3%. Take a closer look:

April: Highest origination and investment figures for 2022.
April: Highest origination and investment figures for 2022.

In April, 2,694 new investors joined Bondora. This is slightly more than in March. We’ll celebrate more than 200,000 investors on Bondora next month if we continue at this rate! Our total investments have increased by €16M to €598M. Investors have also earned more than €67M in returns in total.

Continuing last month’s increase, loan origination figures increased again in April. A total of €15,697,955 was originated—a 7.2% increase. Once again, the most significant increase came from Spain (+26.6%), with €627,897 being originated during April. The 2nd largest increase came from Estonia (+10.4%), with €5,668,453 originated. And lastly, Finnish loans increased by 4.3% to €9,401,605 being originated. The latter still holds the majority position, with 59.9% of all loans. The average interest rate increased quite noticeably from 20.7% to 22.1%.

Secondary Market activity transactions declined again in April by 9.5%. A total of €150,328 was transacted on the Secondary Market. All the categories showed a decrease in growth, except for Portfolio Manager transactions, which increased by 8.9%. Current loan accounted for €121,114 of all transactions, despite decreases across all three categories. Once again, loans sold at a premium were the most popular and made up 71% of all current loan transactions.

We had stellar collection and recovery rates in March, with a 61.6% increase in cash recovered. But in April, things steadied back to more typical rates, with a 35.8% decline. A total of €802,718 cash was recovered, with the majority being collected from Estonia (€378,392). On the other hand, the number of recovered loans increased across all countries by 2.3% to 79,281 missed payments being recovered. The most significant portion also came from Estonian loans (47.4%). The current 2014-2022 recovery rate is a striking 51.0%.

April has trumped the previous 2022 record high for product funding, with a total of €15,548,882 invested last month. This is a 7.3% increase. Unsurprisingly, Go & Grow takes the majority lead with €14,471,390, Portfolio Manager follows with €600,990, then Portfolio Pro with €467,833, and lastly, the API with €8,669. In April, Go & Grow also had the most impressive growth rate:

Product funding figures:

Go & Grow                      + 7.5%

Portfolio Manager          + 4.9%

Portfolio Pro                   + 3.6%

API                                   + 0.1%

In summary:

Q1 ended on a high note and Q2 continued on this impressive trend. The jump in originations and investments are a welcome sight. All investment products increased, with Go & Grow leading the way.

Originations increased by 7.2%, with Spain having the most significant increase (26.6%). There were declines in Secondary Market activity and cash recoveries, but the number of missed payments increased.

If you enjoy these breakdowns, follow our blog for weekly, more in-depth analyses of the Bondora market. So, stay tuned to better determine your investment strategy, loan portfolio preferences, and more.

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