Bailiff recoveries increase by 4% in October

Bondora recoveries jumped once again in October. In total, 42,319 missed payments were recovered on the month, 3.7% higher than September. Bailiff recoveries made the largest increase, up by 4.0% to 15,057. Recoveries were higher across Estonia, Spain, and Finland.

Recoveries by count Oct 2019

Cash Recoveries

The amount of cash recovered in October also increased, up to €485,274, bringing the average recovery to €11.47 on the month. Both Estonian and Finnish recoveries were up just over 3% to €270,658 and €174,669.

Recoveries by cashflow Oct 2019

Yearly Recovery Rate

The recovery rate for 2014 increased up to 46.2%. However, the five-year recovery rate fell by 0.4% to 45.0%. Recovery rates for the remaining months remained consistent, each changing by less than 1% respectively. 

Yearly recovery rate Oct 2019

Recoveries by Country

The Estonian recovery rate for the current year jumped higher by 3.2% to 58.4% while recovery rates in Finland and Spain fell slightly. Recovery rates for all previous years fell, but by no more than 1% for any given country.

Year & country recovery rate Oct 2019

Recoveries Remain Stable

While recoveries as a whole were higher in October, an average payment recovery of €11.47 is almost identical to the previous month, showing signs of stability in Bondora missed payment recoveries.

You can always view missed payment recoveries and all other Bondora data at any time. Check out our real-time statistics to see not only recovery data on all Bondora missed payments, but loan history, returns data, and more.

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