Bondora Capital is searching for Head of Investor Relations

FinTech is the industrial revolution of our time and Bondora is at the center.

We are looking for someone join us as Head of Investor Relations.

Why Bondora is different

Bondora empowers communities by leveraging technology to connect investors and borrowers. Our model makes affordable, fast lending accessible for underbanked regions.

Our marketplace investor base is largely retail with over 22,000 investors from 40 countries. The transparent framework of our business has given users the confidence to invest more than 80 million euro delivering over 17 million euro in interest.

The result: 89% of investors earn more than 10% annually and borrowers get loans without hassle. Our marketplace lending solutions have generated returns above peer groups since 2009.

We want someone to broadcast our message of value as we
continue to usher in an era of financial prosperity.

We’re looking for someone who

  • Understands the power of marketplace lending to transform the world of finance.
  • Has experience in managing public relations and social media communication and you
    do not buckle when faced with complex questions
  • Has the ability to lead and support a team of investor relations associates.

What are the responsibilities?

  • Management of Bondora’s investor relations strategy and implementation.
  • Handling of all our social media channels.
  • Establishing and growing personal relationships with key customers.
  • Creating a network of external partnerships relevant to investor relations.
  • Sustaining a high performing, well-trained team that delivers results.
  • Stay ahead of industry developments.
  • Remain vigilant of competitors and regulatory changes.

Join our team and get…

  • A chance to engage with an international team of high energy, young professionals ready to change the world of finance.
  • A chance for potential long-term growth in an environment built for your success with a casual start-up feel.
  • A direct engagement with our CEO and a clear line of communication to all team members to create change.
  • A family of supportive team members committed to collaboration.

The bottom line: We’re offering the opportunity to stand at the fore of the most powerful innovation of today: the democratization of finance.

The location of the job is Tallinn, Estonia.

To apply: Please send your CV and cover letter to

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