Bondora celebrates over 170 000 investors 🙌

In June, we celebrated Go & Grow’s triumphant success with over €10 million invested. And this month we’re celebrating another milestone: Bondora now has over 170 000 investors! It’s fantastic that so many people want to grow their money the simple way. Thank you for choosing Bondora to make your investment goals a reality. Read on to see more highlights from June:

Bondora celebrates over 170 000 investors.
Bondora celebrates over 170 000 investors.

In July, 2,422 new investors joined Bondora, bringing the total number of investors to 170,654 people. Over €449M has been invested, and investors have earned more than €54M in returns over the last 13 years.

July has taken the torch from June and continues the upward growth trend we’ve seen with loan originations. This is now the 7th month of continuous origination growth. €11,818,285’s worth of loans was originated on the month. That’s a 7.1% increase from June! With €7,626,688 in loans, Estonia holds the majority of loan originations, for now. Finnish originations (€4,192,237) continue to increase their share every month and now make up 35.5% of the Bondora loan portfolio.

In July, transactions on the Secondary Market continue their declining path. As more and more investors opt to invest passively with Go & Grow, it’s no surprise that there’s less activity on the market.€162,695 was transacted between investors, which is a 12.9% month-over-month decline. Manual transactions, as always, are the most popular category. But transactions via the API continue to rise in popularity, taking a 34% share in transactions.

July’s collection and recovery statistics are very similar to June’s. The number of recovered loan payments increased, but the recovery rate for the year decreased. Estonia remains the country with the highest percentage of loan recoveries, with Finland still in second place. Read more about our collection and recovery process here.

July continues the great streak we’ve had with investment growth this year. The product funding for all our Bondora investment options increased—from Go & Grow to the API. Our total overall investment increased by 7.5%, coming to a total investment value of €11,628,988. July has beaten June and is now the month with the highest investment amount for 2021.

We’re kicking off Q3 with a performance worthy of gold if you ask us! Loan originations and investments continue their upward trajectory. Even though Secondary Market transactions are declining slightly, it has no adverse effect on Bondora’s overall performance. It merely indicates hands-on investors’ personal preference about buying and selling individual loan pieces.

If you enjoy these breakdowns, follow our blog for weekly, more in-depth analyses of the Bondora market. Every month we take a detailed look at aspects like:

  • Loan originations
  • Collection and Recoveries
  • Product funding
  • Secondary Market

So, stay tuned to better determine your investment strategy, loan portfolio preferences, and more. 

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