“Bondora is like a great dance partner”: Bondora Heroes – Tim Senger

Tim Senger is an artist at heart. He loves to dance and take photos, and even started his own amateur photography business as a way to make money doing what he loves. But Tim also has an analytical side which he nourishes at FHDW Hannover, where he studies insurance and financial services. Here, Tim spends some of his time in the classroom, and the other part of his time at work for the world’s third largest reinsurer, Hannover Rück SE. It is through these experiences that Tim became interested in his own pursuit of becoming a better investor.

A valued customer

Tim has had a lifelong affinity for finance. “I’ve always been interested in investing, and of course this is also reflected in the choice of my study subject,” he recalls. So, he is no stranger to different investment products and services

So, it should come as no surprise that Tim would stumble upon Bondora and find himself with an investment product that he enjoyed. “It was a happy coincidence that I discovered the company three years ago by chance on an online blog.”

From there, Tim quickly saw how he would be treated as a valued customer at Bondora, making him one happy customer. “I had some good experiences with Bondora support, and I also appreciate the transparency of the company.”

Like a great dance partner

As a student of finance, Tim knows the importance of finding good partners when it comes to his own finances. He is constantly looking for partners that can help him achieve his financial goals, and that’s exactly what he found in Bondora. “I became an investor at Bondora about three years ago and I appreciate the ease of investing in P2P loans, and the attractive risk to return ratio.”

Invest now

In Tim’s eyes, Bondora is the perfect partner to use for his p2p investments. “For me, Bondora is like a great dance partner. You can always rely on them taking the right step.”

‘For me, Bondora is like a great dance partner. You can always rely on them taking the right step.’

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