Bondora Highlights from Q2 2023

We’re more than halfway through the year! Like with any goal, it’s essential to celebrate achievements along the way to stay motivated on the path to success. A lot has happened already, and there’s much to be proud of. Here are 6 highlights from Q2 2023; check them out: 

Bondora highlights from Q2 2023
Bondora highlights from Q2 2023

Go & Grow reopened to all investors

On 1 June 2023, the original Go & Grow with returns of up to 6.75%* p.a. was reopened to all investors. So every new or existing investor can create a free Go & Grow account and add up to €700 per month.

Monthly Go & Grow investment limit increased to €700

This was news that many investors welcomed with open arms, and we were thrilled to announce on 10 May that the Go & Grow monthly payment limit was raised from €400 to €700. Based on a survey sent to investors, this new limit amount was needed to help you reach your financial goals easily and securely.

P.S. This limit only applies to investors who have Go & Grow. If you use Go & Grow Unlimited, you can invest any amount – no limits!

Bondora CEO presented 2022 financial results in Q&A

We won’t spoil anything here. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the video here and read more questions and answers. There are many tidbits about our plans, current changes, and the 2022 financial results. Enjoy!

Strongest in Estonia 2023

In April, we were honored to receive the very good (AA) Credit Rating from Creditinfo’s annual Strongest in Estonia quality label. This certificate is Estonia’s best-known, oldest, and most widely used quality label, which can only be purchased by companies with an exemplary credit rating (A, AA or AAA).

It’s rewarding to be considered one of the ‘most reliable business partners and employers in the Republic of Estonia with a consistent exemplary credit rating.’

Being recognized as a responsible lender by Estonia’s largest business information database confirms we’re on the right track to being a trustworthy financial partner to more people.

We moved offices!

As Bondora has been growing a lot over the last few years, our office space also needed to grow. In June, we moved to our new office and absolutely love it. New office, new ideas, and new ways to help you achieve your financial goals.

As we now have more space for even more superheroes, don’t hesitate to check out our open positions to join our team >>

New office vibes
New office vibes

Dutch loan originations exceed €1M and reach new heights

Our most recently launched market, The Netherlands, continues to thrive. In May, a total of €1,833,049’s worth of loans were originated. This is the first time we’ve originated over €1M in the Netherlands in a month.

In June, the growth continued, increasing by 56.4% to €2,865,976 in loans. At the time of writing, June has the highest monthly loan origination total in our Dutch market history.

Dutch loan originations exceed €1M
Dutch loan originations exceed €1M

New broker partnership in Finland

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Zmarta, one of Finland’s most prominent broker companies. This collaboration expands our loan partner network, which enables us to scale our credit services and ensure our Finnish customers can easily find loan offers that suit their needs.

Zmarta’s years of expertise and market presence make them an ideal partner. Their deep understanding of the market and commitment to exceptional customer service add value to this partnership.

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