Bondora highlights

At Bondora, one of our core values is to never be satisfied. That’s why we’re always improving our products and services and striving to make it even easier for you to invest. Take a look at some of the exciting changes and new updates we did this month.

Growing your investments is easier than ever

A bigger investment is just one click away! Want to add money to your Go & Grow account? It just takes one step: We’ve updated our Add money page to make it simpler, quicker and easier to deposit money to your account.

With one easy step, you can send money using secure instant SEPA payments. Simply log into your account, click the green Add Money button, and from there you can easily add money to your account with instant SEPA payments.

Nothing beats SEPA payments when it comes to simplicity, security and speed. So grow your investment today, with our new and simplified Add money page.

Add money to your account now

Add money - Bondora

Bondora CEO answered your questions

Bondora did its 3rd live stream Q&A on YouTube and Facebook. Pärtel Tomberg, Bondora’s CEO, discussed our 2019 financial results, as well as questions that you, our investors, sent in. If you watched the live stream, then you’ve already heard the great news we wanted to share with you.

Did you miss it or want to see it again?

If you want to know even more about out 2019 financial results, you can download the full reports and read our blogpost here.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Last month we gave you a sneak peak of our revamped office, and the video tour is coming soon. Trust us, it’s going to be aaaawesome! We’ll give you a taste of what it’s like to work at Bondora and share what exactly makes our office great.

Can’t wait to see our video? Take a look at Bondora Superstar, Temmy, getting ready for his big moment in this behind-the-scenes shot:

Bondora office

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Have a question? We have the answers:

In everything we do, we want to be the best. And our customer service is no exception. So, to make sure you always get the right answers to your questions, we’re creating an FAQ page that uses AI to help you find solutions to your queries faster than ever.

Bondora FAQ

Picture this: You’re on holiday on a tropical island (with the money you made on your Go & Grow investment, of course). You want to add more money to your account, but you’re unsure whether you can do so from a country outside Europe. That’s where our FAQ page comes in.

Simply visit our FAQ page, type in your question, and voilà! The answer to your question will appear and you’ve solved your query in a flash.

We know you like finding the answers yourself, but our support team is always ready to jump in, if needed.

Get the most out of your Bondora account with our new FAQ page. Coming soon!

And those are our highlights for July. Follow us on Instagram to make sure you’re always up to date with everything Bondora.

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