Bondora investments peak in February

Bondora investments bounced back in February, growing 4.5% compared to January, to a total of €6,462,732. All product categories showed an increase, except the API. It’s encouraging to see sustainable growth in our investments so early in the year.

In February, Bondora investments reached the peak for the year thus far.
In February, Bondora investments reached the peak for the year thus far.

Of all the products, Portfolio Manager performed the best when compared to January. It grew by 4.9% to €285,490. Meanwhile, Go & Grow surpassed €6 million in investment, coming in at €6,003,605. This is 4.5% higher than the previous month. Portfolio Pro performed similarly and grew by 4.1% to €165,461.

Investment by product – February
Investment by product – February

Another month of consistency

Investment in Bondora products seems to be keeping its trend over the last couple of months. In February, the share of each product was almost identical to previous months. Go & Grow kept its 93% share of investment, which hasn’t changed since November. Portfolio Manager fell, but only slightly, from 5% to a 4.4% share. Portfolio Pro saw its share increase from 2% to 2.7%, while the API came in at a negligible 0.01%, down from 0.02% in January.

February investment by product.
February investment by product.

January investment by product.
January investment by product.

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February brings much of the same

Consistency is an excellent sign for Bondora, as customers continue to utilize the platform at similar rates as in the past. Go & Grow has not budged as the favorite product for investors, and all told, more money was invested on the platform during February. We hope this solid start to 2021 continues throughout the remainder of the year.

Learn more about the different Bondora investment options here.

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