Bondora’s recovery numbers continue to rise

After increasing by 2.5% in January, missed payment recoveries grew once again in February. A total of 70,327 missed payments were recovered over the month, 1.9% higher than the previous month. Thank you once again to our dedicated teams who make this happen!

Bondora’s recovery process continues to rise.
Bondora’s recovery process continues to rise.

All stages of the recovery process saw an increase in the number of loans recovered:

  • In-house collections: +2.2%
  • Default & court: +0.1%
  • Bailiff: +3.1%
  • Rare cases: +2.2%

At the same time, Estonian, Finnish, and Spanish recoveries were higher in February, up by 2.8%, 0.6%, and 0.6%, respectively.

Recoveries by the count of loans – February
Recoveries by the count of loans – February

Cash recoveries

The amount of cash recovered from missed payments jumped a significant 10.5% higher in February—up to €748,323. This increase brought the average missed payment higher by 8.4%, with the last few months’ missed payments averaging:

  • Feb 2021: €10.64
  • Jan 2021: €9.82
  • Dec 2020: €11.08

Recoveries in the Bailiff stage continue to comprise the majority of all cash recovered, totaling €563,707, or 75.3% of all recovered cash. This was followed by the Default & Court recoveries stage at 20.1% of all cash recoveries. Rare cases took a 4.6% share.

Recoveries by cash flow – February
Recoveries by cash flow – February

Yearly recovery rate

The astronomically high recovery rate for 2021 came down in February, as we have expected. But despite this, it still registered a whopping 92.7%. Recovery rates for 2014, 2015, and 2020 originations were higher this month—a sign that recoveries for older originations are holding firm. Overall, the yearly recovery rate for the 8-year period fell from 48.6% to 46.9%.

Recovery rate – February
Recovery rate – February

Recoveries by country

Recoveries by country in 2021 still show highly skewed numbers, which are likely to come down as the year progresses. What’s more impressive is the increasing recovery rates in 2020 for Finland (up 0.5%), Spain (up 0.2%), and Estonia (up 0.4%). The Spanish recovery rate was higher for 2019 originations, up from 45.4% to 45.9% this month.

Recovery rate by country – February
Recovery rate by country – February


The combination of more missed payment recovery and more cash recovered made an excellent month for Bondora recoveries. The 2021 recovery rate remains high and is expected to steadily decrease as the year progresses. Regardless, solid recovery rates for the past few years’ originations are a good sign of things to come.

You can always view missed payment recoveries and all other Bondora data at any time. Check out our real-time statistics to see not only recovery data on all Bondora missed payments but loan history returns data and more.

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