Build earnings through the Bondora affiliate program

bondora affiliate program

Good news: there are even more ways to build earnings on the Bondora platform. If you’ve used Bondora and appreciate our value, you can share the benefits with others while making money in the process.

Bondora has recently initiated an affiliate program. Participants can earn money for every new investor they bring to the site. Our affiliate program page offers details on the program but below are the main points.

Two ways to earn more

First, you’ll earn 5€ for every person who originates from your affiliate link and registers on Bondora. Each week Bondora emails a summary of affiliate statistics. You’ll receive your earnings within 20 days from the successful registration of the user.

Second, you’ll receive 5% of the amount the new user invests during the first 30 days after registering. The average Bondora customer invests 4,000€, therefore the value for successful affiliates can be significant. This is a one-time payment per new user. Bondora calculates the portion of your investment reward after 30 days from the registration date of the respective referred investor. You’ll receive payment for your share of the invested sum within 20 business days after the calculation day.

Earnings can be paid to a bank account of your choosing or directly into your Bondora account.

Getting started

There are only three steps to start participating in our affiliate program:

  • contact us at
  • you’ll receive a unique Bondora affiliate URL with promotion materials
  • promote Bondora to start earning


Learn more about our affiliate program

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