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Monthly vintage comparison of cumulative cash on cash returns

“How long will it take for my investment to generate a return?” The cumulative cash on cash return monthly comparison chart can help. This new chart summarizes the progress your investments are making towards the goal of repayment and, eventually, earning a return. Check it out on the general statistics page.

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Weekly industry news roundup – April 3, 2017

AltFi looked at what issues must be addressed before a wider base of investors will embrace the P2P system.
Crowdfund Insider took a look at the fintech revolution and how open source data can make the infrastructure more transparent.
Bankless Times shared findings from analysts at EY concerning fintech and marketplace lending.
The Financial Times reported on expectations of consolidation within the P2P arena as smaller players face big competition.
Crowdfund Insider explored the implications of new regulations behind P2P lending in China.
Delfi mentioned Bondora in an article that looked at various asset classes and platforms for investing.

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Statistics: Expected returns and competitive bid levels

In this review we look at new information on our statistics page. The chart illustrates the inverse relationship between loan ratings and the annualized expected return. As the rating drops the expected return rises. This dynamic is the risk/reward relationship at work. The higher rated loans, which offer lower relative risk, command greater bids. These loans are popular among our investors especially those choosing the “Conservative” approach with the Portfolio Manager.

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Bondora portfolio performance – March 2017

For 2015, the the average target figures exceeded the actual returns by 2,45 percentage points, whereas for 2016 the actual returns were higher than the target by 4,4 percentage points on average. Estonia has delivered above-target returns across all 8 years.

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