Direct sell fees removed, weekly finance news and June’s origination summary


We’re removing all fees from the Direct Sell feature

We’re helping investors get closer to their goal of a great return by removing the Direct Sell fee. Investors can use this feature to sell individual loans and entire portfolios to other investors or even consolidate their holdings.

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Weekly industry news roundup – July 10, 2017

Altfi published a piece looking at various emerging trends in finance.
CreditEase, a fintech company based in China, released an article discussing some of the most groundbreaking companies working in the fintech space today.
CrowdFund Insider discussed recent moves from The European Investment bank Group (EIB) to fund SMEs via crowdlending.
CXO Today had an interesting take on the emergence of P2P lending in India.
CrowdFund Insider released data that The Netherlands raised nearly €100 million in crowdfunding during the first 6 months of 2017.

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Monthly origination summary for June 2017

June’s originations came in at €2,778,332, outpacing the months of February and May. “AA,” “A,” and “B” loans together represent 25.94% of originations whereas “HR” and “F” loans together hold 26.34% of the total. This polarizing effect might indicate that the loan originations are driven more by what’s available rather than pure investor risk tolerance.

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