Diverse Investment Growth Despite Go & Grow Decline

After five consecutive months of growth for investments on Bondora, there was a slight decline in the amount of capital invested on the platform in August. In total, €11,340,100 was invested in Bondora products in August, a small 2.5% decline from July.

August was a month of diverse investment growth.
August was a month of diverse investment growth.

However, the only product category to see a decline in investment was Go & Grow, which was down 2.5% compared to last month. All other product categories were higher by the following month-over-month growth rates:

  • Portfolio Manager: +11.1%
  • Portfolio Pro: +3.3%
  • API: +13.6%

This indicates diverse growth in our investment products.

Investment by product table
Investment by product table

Investment by product

The 2.5% decline in Go & Grow investment on the month led to a slight decline in the portion of Go & Grow compared to other product categories. Go & Grow accounted for 92% of all Bondora investment in August, down from 93% last month. Portfolio Manager grew from 3% of investment in July to 4% in August. Both Portfolio Pro (3%) and the API (1%) remained consistent with their total share of all investments.

August investment by product chart
August investment by product chart

July investment by product chart
July investment by product chart

Using the Bondora Wallet

While Bondora investors most often prefer to have their capital working for them on the Bondora platform at all times, there may be times when money isn’t invested in Bondora products. When this happens, money is stored in the Bondora Wallet.

The Bondora Wallet displays how much money you have in your account that isn’t invested. You can also enable Auto-transfer to automatically invest the money in Wallet into Bondora’s most popular investment product, Go & Grow.

Alternatively, you can also withdraw any money in the Wallet to your verified bank account.

You can learn more about the Bondora Wallet and its functions here.

All but Go & Grow on the rise

While Go & Grow investment declined on the month—and led to a cumulative 2.5% decline in all Bondora investments—other product categories rose to the occasion. API investment was up an impressive 13.6%, while Portfolio Manager investment was up an equally impressive 11.1%. Even Portfolio Pro got in on the action, rising by 3.3% in August. This is a welcome sign of investment strength and diversity across the Bondora platform, which will hopefully continue in the coming months.

Learn more about the different Bondora investment options here.

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