€80M+ in Returns Paid Out to Investors

In August, over €80M in returns has been paid out to Bondora investors since we were founded. We are happy to help empower people to take charge and set themselves up for success with their financial futures. Loan origination and investments slowed a bit to €14,405,558 and €14,382,356, respectively. Collection and recovery statistics also maintained consistency, still exceeding €1 million. Read more here:

€80M+ in returns paid out to investors.
€80M+ in returns paid out to investors.

In August, 1,754 new investors joined Bondora—slightly less than in July. Our total investment has increased to over €655M, and investors have earned more than €80M in returns.

After rebounding in July, loan originations slowed again in August, declining by 6.1% to €14,405,558. All three markets decreased slightly. Last month, Spain had the most noticeable growth, and this month, it also has the most significant decrease, declining by 25.5% to €471,777’s worth of originated loans. It is the market that is most prone to significant changes. The 2nd largest decline came from Finland, dropping by 7.0%. Finland also still has the majority of originations, 57.5%, which equals €8,285,382. Estonia declined by just 2.5%, accounting for a 39.2% share totaling €5,648,399’s loans. The average interest rate increased from 21.6% to 22.3%—precisely the same as in June.

Once again, we see a decline in Secondary Market activity, marking the third month that more investors forego manual trading on the market. Activity declined by 15.4% to €88,675’s worth of transactions. All the categories declined, except Portfolio Manager. It increased by 4.3% but also accounted for the lowest number of total transactions (€4,943). Manual transactions still have a 60.8% share of transactions, despite dropping by 15.4%. It accounts for €53,934 of all Secondary Market transactions. API transactions declined by 18.1% and accounted for €29,798’s worth of transactions.

Our collection and recovery figures remained consistent with June’s statistics, with slight variations here and there. The number of recovered loans increased by 2.7% to 81,528. The last time we had loan recovery counts in the 80,000s was when we set a new record in April. The total cash recovered, however, saw a minuscule 0.5% decline to €1,049,779. We are happy to see it still exceeds €1 million. Most of the cash was recovered from Finland (52.6% share). Estonia follows with a 39.8% total share, and Spain with 7.5%. The current 2014-2022 recovery rate remains solid at 49.6%.

After increasing again in July, our investment products’ funding declined again during August. Overall, we saw a mild drop of 6.2% in investments. Overall, investors added €14,382,356 to their Bondora accounts. Once again, Go & Grow’s figures had the most significant effect, as it is the most used investment product, making up 96.9% of all investments. It garnered €13,937,200 in investments, despite dropping by 6.2% from July. The API had the most significant percentile drop, but it has virtually no effect on the overall investment stats as it only accounts for €1,621 of investments. Portfolio Manager received €258,847 and Portfolio Pro €184,688.

Investment product funding figures:

Go & Grow                      – 6.2%

Portfolio Manager          – 5.7%

Portfolio Pro                   – 6.6%

API                                  – 15.4%

In summary:

August mimicked the slower summer month of June, rather than continuing in the strong trajectory of July. But most declines were very modest and, in fact, showed some stability across the portfolio. The exception would be the Secondary Market, which continues to decline in activity for the 3rd month. Our collection and recovery efforts are also doing incredibly well and maintaining consistency this year. We are also happy to have passed the milestone of over €80M paid out to investors in returns!

If you enjoy these breakdowns, follow our blog for in-depth analyses of the Bondora market, or visit our general statistics page for daily updates.

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