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Emotions, they say, are essential part of human interaction. It helps us better understand and communicate, perceive ourselves and engage others in your relationships. All emotions influence us, even if we don’t realize it and enrich our lives for sure, but they may not always work on our behalf when it comes to making decisions.

Psychologists say that it is never a good idea to make a decision out of anger. Other such emotions can be fear or confusion, anxiety, or even love and excitement.

It’s important to keep emotions aside or at least not prevalent when making important decisions, and rather basing them on facts.

Emotions to avoid when making a financial decision

Basing your finances off of emotion can have devastating consequences. It’s not just that you have to learn to manage your finances without using your emotions, it’s best to understand why these emotions get in the way of sound financial decision making.

If you are interested to read more on this interesting and controversial topic, check out our recent blog post.

Have you ever made an important decision based on your emotions solely and overlooked the facts?
Was it a right one or you had some regrets after?

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