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Go & Grow V2

After its huge success and popularity already this year, we’ve started working on a new and updated version 2 of Go & Grow. The improvements will be a result of the tests we’ve been running since its initial release back in April and feedback surveys with investors.

It’s important for us to incorporate the development and design based on the feedback from the investor community – so if you have any suggestions then make sure to add them via our Feature Request service (more info below).

Feature request

Last month, we told you about a new service we were working on which allows you submit ideas and bug reports directly to the Bondora team. Not only will your submissions be reviewed by us, they’ll be visible for the whole Bondora investor community to see and engage with.

Bondora feature request

What kind of things can you submit? Whatever you like! No matter how ahead-of-the-times you think your suggestion is, we’d love to hear it. What’s more, other investors have the chance to review your idea and vote for it if they support it too. At the end of every month, we’ll pay special attention to those at the top of the leader board.

We’ll then assign a status to the request to let you know if it’s currently under review, implemented or if it’s been rejected. We’ll also add some comments where appropriate.

And don’t forget, if you’re experiencing any technical issues, you’ll be able to submit any reports of bugs via a new option under the “Other” tab on the top bar of your account screen.

Submit bug report - Bondora

Both the feature request and bug reporting service is now live for all investors, and you can check it out today. Take a look below at some of the suggestions:

Feature request reporting service - Bondora

The clear winner so far is an app for your Bondora or Go & Grow account and an option for a monthly payout. Would you make use of these features? Let us know in the comments.

Remember – While we’d love to implement all of your ideas, we’re only going to choose the best and those which impact the largest number of investors, so choose wisely!

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