Feature requests, API updates and more changes on our Peer-to-Peer lending platform

Feature Request tool

Every month, we receive a lot of messages from our investor community with brilliant (and not so brilliant) ideas of how to improve our platform. This ranges from anything related to changes in our products, content for our YouTube channel, data we publish and much more. While we would love to implement all the suggestions we receive, we’ve been thinking of a way to prioritize the suggestions investors want the most and that benefits the largest number of people. So, we’re working on a new Feature Request tool which allows you to submit your finest ideas directly to the Bondora team.

Bondora feature request tool

Not only will your idea be submitted to us, it’ll be visible to all investors who can up-vote your proposal to show their support. The ideas with the most votes will be prioritized and reviewed directly by the investor development team. We’ll then assign a status to the request to let you know if it’s currently under review, being implemented or if it’s been rejected. What’s more, if you’re experiencing any technical issues, you’ll be able to use the tool to submit any reports of bugs.

We’ve added a sneak peek of what this will look like above – more info to come soon.

Callback mechanism for the API

Bondora can now send web hook events that notify your application any time a new event occurs. This mechanism is useful for services that are not directly responsible for making an API request, but still need to know the response from that request. In simple terms, this means that data will be automatically sent to you instead of having to request it all the time. This should save a considerable amount of time for our API investors.

Bondora in 26 languages

We’re still working on the huge project of translating our whole peer-to-peer lending platform into 26 European languages. Our site already has good coverage in English, Estonian and German – however, due to the rapid expansion of our investor base (now over 40,000 people), we aim to make the experience as seamless and natural for investors across Europe.

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