Get a quick visual insight of your portfolio structure

Part of our mission at Bondora is to make marketplace lending simple and transparent. We want our users to be confident that they have all the information they need to make an investment decision.

However, this approach doesn’t stop once an investor funds a loan. Our users want to know how their portfolio is developing. Repayment trends, risk profiles and recoveries are all part of managing a smarter investment. Therefore, to empower our investors we offer a quick visual insight into their portfolio structure.

Bondora Portfolio structure visualized

In the statistics pages (both personal and public) you’ll find a cluster of eight pie charts. The data in this visualization is designed to provide investors with a holistic view of their portfolio. Many of the measurements allow the investor to understand their risk exposure at a quick glance.

A portfolio of numerous loans has many risk factors and countless metrics. Therefore, as an investor funds more loans it becomes difficult to see the complete picture. The statistics pie chart ties all of these characteristics together to offer a risk assessment in one cohesive screen. Here’s what each chart tells you:


An overview of what portion of your funded loans come from Estonia, Spain, or Finland.

Planned vs. Received Principal

A representation of how much more the borrowers need to pay to complete their loan obligation.

Overdue Days

Shows how well the borrowers are managing their debt by repaying the loans and what proportion of the portfolio is current, overdue or in debt. Overdue days is based on the first missed principal payment of the loans. This is a good way to control risk.

Days Since Last Payment

This chart corresponds closely with “Overdue Days.” When “Overdue Days” counts the days since first missed payment, this chart counts days since last loan payment was made. Use this data to keep an eye on what portion of your portfolio is comprised of late or irregular payers.

Loan Rating

This chart represents how aggressive your portfolio is with regard to the credit profile of the borrowers. Ideally the loans would be reasonably divided into different loan ratings which would show a healthy diversification of portfolio.

Loan Purpose

This data shows how people plan to use the loans.

Bid Size

On overview of how your portfolio is divided between different investment sizes.

Recovery Process

Once a loan defaults the recovery process data shows the effectiveness of Bondora’s efforts to reclaim principal.

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