Get More Out of Portfolio Manager

One of our best tools for helping investors on Bondora is the Portfolio Manager. It has some great features that allow you to get the most out of your investments. From the Dashboard, just click on the Portfolio Manager button like you see here:

portfolio manager button settings

Bondora portfolio manager settings

And you can help boost your returns through automatic investment.

Pick One of 5 Strategies

Match the risk you are comfortable taking with the returns you are seeking in Portfolio Manager with one of 5 strategies. Those strategies are (with current projected returns below):

  • Ultra Conservative
  • Conservative
  • Balanced
  • Progressive
  • Opportunistic

Update Your Settings

Automatic Bid Size

The Automatic Bid size is the default setting of your bids based on diversification and your deploy period. You can change this at any time. Recently we posted about a change in this feature where the new default setting is 25 EUR until you choose to change it. This is to make purchase and sales of loans easier.

Minimum investment per loan

The minimum investment per loan helps you set a minimum. Want to have a small minimum across many loans? You can do that. Want to set your minimum investment higher and invest in fewer loans as a result? You can do that too.

Maximum investment per loan

Just like setting a minimum, you can set a maximum. The smaller the maximum, the more loans Portfolio Manager invests in on your behalf that meet your qualifications. Set it higher and it invests in fewer loans based on loan size and availability.

Deploy Period

This is how long you are going to run the Portfolio Manager to invest funds for you.

Spare Cash

The spare cash feature shows how much cash you want to have left over after you have implemented your investing plan with Portfolio Manager. In other words, if you set the spare cash to 100 EUR then Portfolio Manager pauses until it has more than 100 EUR in cash. So at 125 EUR the Manager turns on again and starts investing if you are still within your deploy period. Otherwise, you have to turn the Portfolio Manager back on.

Seasoned Loans

Seasoned loans are the best and most valuable loans. When you check this box, you can choose to buy seasoned loans from other investors in the Secondary Market. It’s done automatically when you check it and only seasoned loans will be bought. Only seasoned loans that also meet your qualifications are the ones Portfolio Manager buys for you on the secondary market.

With everything set to your needs, just click the “Update” button to activate your Portfolio Manager with new settings.

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