Go & Grow account values explained

Today, we’ll explain how we calculate the values displayed in your Go & Grow account. Keep watching to learn more.

If you’ve made a withdrawal from your Go & Grow account, you may have noticed that the numbers in your account seem a bit off. But they’re not! With Go & Grow, all historical transactions are factored into the calculations.

  • The added value is the total payments minus the total principal withdrawn.
  • Gained equals the current value, minus the added amount, minus the total withdrawal fees.

This does not in any way reduce the actual amount you just transferred to your Go & Grow account, or subsequently will add or change the profit realized in the tax report. If you generate your Go & Grow statement, you can view your account’s cash flow, including your payments, withdrawals, and returns earned.

We hope this helps you better understand your Go & Grow account values.

Thanks for watching, keep investing, and bye for now.

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