🌱 Go & Grow Investments Surpass €10 Million

Bondora has been making a strong comeback after the universally challenging 2020. This recovery is proved by the continuous growth in investments and loan originations since the end of last year. We’re incredibly excited to announce that in June, Go & Grow investments exceeded €10 million for the first time since December 2019. Read on to see more highlights from June:

Go & Grow Investments Surpass €10 Million in June.
Go & Grow Investments Surpass €10 Million in June.

In June, a total of 2,902 investors joined Bondora. Over €449M has been invested, and investors have earned more than €54M in returns over the last 13 years.

June builds on the success of previous months and ends Q2 on a high note. Loan originations are still growing strong, totaling €11,036,285 on the month. Since the beginning of 2021, originations have kept increasing every month. Estonia still has the majority of loan originations at €7,663,925. Finnish originations continue to increase month-over-month and still make up over 30% of the Bondora loan portfolio.

Transactions on the Secondary Market took a downturn in June. This isn’t particularly irregular, as the Secondary Market has been known to see-saw from month to month. A total of €186,940’s worth of transactions took place between investors. Manual transactions, as always, are the most popular category. On the other hand, Portfolio Manager transactions took a significant dip, declining from €22,070’s worth of transactions to €5,845.

The collection and recovery figures for June vary slightly from what we saw in May. The number of recovered loan payments increased, but the recovery rate for the year decreased. Estonia remains the country with the highest percentage of loan recoveries, with Finland still in second place. You can read more about our collection and recovery process here.

June was also a brilliant month for Bondora’s product funding statistics. Why? We achieved a milestone with our most popular product; Go & Grow exceeded €10 million in investments for the first time in 18 months! 92.9% of investors’ portfolios contain Go & Grow—making up either their entire Bondora portfolio or a part thereof. €10,817,149 was invested across Bondora—topping May’s numbers. This is now the highest investment amount for 2021.

June ended Q2 on a high note for investments and loan originations across Bondora. We’re thrilled that we’ve had 6 months of continuous growth on Bondora and hope to see this growth continue into the 2nd half of 2021. Even though Secondary Market transactions declined, this does not affect the platform’s overall performance. It merely indicates hands-on investors’ personal preference about buying and selling individual loan pieces.

If you enjoy these breakdowns, follow our blog for weekly, more in-depth analyses of the Bondora market. Every month we take a detailed look at aspects like:

  • Loan originations
  • Collection and Recoveries
  • Product funding
  • Secondary Market

So, stay tuned to better determine your investment strategy, loan portfolio preferences, and more. 

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