Go & Grow remains as investors’ favorite product in January

The new year started out well for funding on the Bondora platform. All told, funding remained constant compared to the previous month, with €15,021,055 invested on the Bondora platform over the month. Investment in Portfolio Manager grew once again, up by 12.1% to €2,250,875. Investment in Portfolio Pro also grew, up to €3,131,797, gaining 3.5% on the month. API investment remained relatively consistent, but dipped slightly to €151,758.

Product share Jan 2020 - Bondora

Growth in other products cannot overtake Go & Grow

Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro both grew for the fourth consecutive month. Portfolio Pro jumped 2% to 21%, while Portfolio Manager totaled 15% of all Bondora investment, a 3% increase from December. Go & Grow remains the leading Bondora product with 63% share of all investments on the Bondora platform.

Share by product Jan 2020 - Bondora
Share by product Dec 2019 - Bondora

Will the trend continue?

It is now four straight months that investment has shifted out of Go & Grow and into Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Pro. Still, Go & Grow remains the most widely used product on the Bondora platform, but with this continuing trend, investors are clearly opting for more control of their investments through these other Bondora product offerings. It is unlikely Portfolio Manager or Portfolio Pro overtake Go & Grow as the most widely used product on Bondora, but their growth does point to a more well-rounded user base that is willing to adopt new p2p investment products over time.

Forecast your Go & Grow earnings

One reason Go & Grow remains the most used Bondora product is because it is easy to forecast your earnings with the Go & Grow Forecast tool. With its simple and intuitive user interface, you can see how your investment in Go & Grow will fare over time. All you need to do is enter your starting investment, monthly recurring investment, and number of years, and you will quickly see your Go & Grow profitability.

Learn more about the different Bondora investment options here.

*As with any investment, your capital is at risk and the investments are not guaranteed. The yield is up to 6.75% p.a. Before deciding to invest, please review our risk statement or consult with a financial advisor if necessary.

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