Half a Billion Euro Invested, a New Origination High, and more!

October brought a variety of good news for Bondora. We reached a new loan origination high of over €18M. We passed the half a billion euros mark of the total investment on Bondora, and we recovered nearly €1M in missed payments. Read on to find out more about the must-know stats for October.

We passed the half a billion euros mark of the total investment on Bondora.
We passed the half a billion euros mark of the total investment on Bondora.

In October, 2,650 new investors signed up to Bondora, bringing the total number of investors to 177,959 people. And we have some extra exciting news from October as well. All our investors have invested over €503M on Bondora over the last 13 years. That’s over half a billion euros! Investors have also earned more than €58M in returns in total.

In October, our loan origination spiked to a new high for 2021. €18,291,824 was originated on Bondora. We’re thrilled to see these numbers rising consistently. Finland nearly overtook Estonia when it comes to the largest percentage share. Finland now has a 49.4% share, up from 38.2%. Estonia, on the other hand, dropped from a 61.8% share to 50.5%. It seems likely that Finland will overtake Estonia in the next month or two. Spanish loans have restarted with a 0.1% share. A slow start was expected, and it won’t be any competition for the other two any time soon.

In September, Secondary Market activity dropped slightly by 7.8%. This decline continued in October, dropping by 19.2% to €252,156 transacted. The Secondary Market has become known for see-sawing drastically from month to month, so perhaps November will be a month of gains. We’ll have to wait and see.

Last month, we set a tremendous new collection and recovery record of €2,346,197 recovered in missed payments! After such an incredible feat, it’s safe to expect that this month’s efforts would not be as incredible. But, with that being said, €977,354 was recovered, which is still a fantastic result. Most recoveries were made during the Bailiff stage. Thus far, 2021 has the highest recovery rate of the last 7 years, coming in at 82.7%.

Product funding also saw lots of good growth. Investments increased to €18,125,134—a tremendous 49.1% increase! As expected, Go & Grow continues to take the lion’s share of investments (90%). But Portfolio Manager was the unexpected rising star this month. It got a total investment of €1,120,392. The last time more than €1M was invested on Portfolio Manager was precisely one year ago. Let’s see whether this growth will continue next month. In summary, the growth rates are as follows:

Go & Grow                       + 49.9%

Portfolio Manager          + 36.3%

Portfolio Pro                    + 53.1%

API                                      + 154.8%

In a nutshell:

The strong increase in originations has certainly made us excited for the last quarter of 2021. Finland has made huge strides in taking over the largest share of loans from Estonia. We also saw the highest rate of originations and investments of 2021 so far. Bondora is ready to venture into new growth territory in 2022.

If you enjoy these breakdowns, follow our blog for weekly, more in-depth analyses of the Bondora market. Every month we take a detailed look at aspects like:

  • Loan originations
  • Collection and Recoveries
  • Product funding
  • Secondary Market

So, stay tuned to better determine your investment strategy, loan portfolio preferences, and more. 

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