Here’s our first Bondora Superstar for 2021

Last year we began our Bondora Superstars blog series, which showcases all the talented individuals making Bondora the best online investment platform in Europe.  Today, we’re shining the spotlight on one of Bondora’s Senior .NET Developers. You can learn more about him, what he does, his personal investment experiences, and more. Let’s dive right in!

Bondora Superstars #6 — Rene Reinmann

👨💻Bondorian since: 2015

💻 Role: Senior .NET Developer

🧑🏼🤝🧑🏼Team: Risk Analytics

Meet Rene Reinmann, the Invisible Man

Rene joined the Bondora family in 2015, and he’s a senior .NET developer in the Risk Analytics team. His day is usually filled with working on our databases and reports and ensuring everything is working perfectly. He works on the investor and the borrower backend, so he really knows everything there is to know about Bondora! But that doesn’t he can’t learn more…

Rene says the most rewarding part of his job is learning new things and developing his skills even more. When he’s not busy saving the day, he’ll play a match (or two) of table tennis with his teammates 🏓

🧑🏼🤝🧑🏼 Rene’s favorite Bondora value:

“One team”

Investment talk

Rene started investing with Bondora when he joined the company back in 2015, and he’s still going strong. His next move will be to diversify between Go & Grow in the stock market. His reason for this choice is due to the best investing advice he’s ever gotten: ‘Stocks only go up.’

🎧 Rene’s must-listen podcast:

“Mehed ei nuta.” It’s about sport – diversification is important in your personal time, too, not just in your investments.

Let’s get personal

Pineapple on pizza?

Sure, why not

What’s your favorite food?

Asian food

And what food do you refuse to eat?

Some weird organs 😳

What’s your spirit animal?

A bullish bull 🐃

And what’s your life motto?

Live your life

Here’s what Rene’s colleagues have to say about him:

Andres, his team lead, said: “Rene is basically ‘Coding LeBron.’ He works at the speed of light and always gets the job done”.

Fellow developer, Erki, said: “Rene increases the performance and quality of every team he works with. Not everybody may know his face or where he sits. Still, everybody knows that once a task is assigned to him, it can be considered done.”

He continues by saying that Rene is remarkably friendly and helpful. Erki often finds that all the tasks assigned to him are “magically” completed. As if some Invisible Man did it…

Now you know a little more about Rene. He ensures everything is kept together and that every customer has a fantastic experience with Bondora’s platforms without you ever knowing what exactly he’s doing. He really is the Invisible Man.

Remember to check back next month for our 7th Bondora Superstar ⭐️

The views and opinions expressed in this article are that of the individual and not Bondora’s official view.

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