How does Bondora ensure its operational stability?

The Bondora model is based on a transparent framework that offers unparalleled operational stability and effectiveness. We believe that the trust we’ve built and continue to build will allow us to expand our offerings. The very nature of borrowing and lending is formed with a mutual trust. For this reason we have built a platform that makes all loan data public. This candid approach assures our shareholders.

Embracing agility in our development

We have invested heavily in an ever-evolving interface that appeals to the user’s sense of speed, transparency, and personalization. These characteristics of our approach are suited for engaging an agile mindset that’s necessary for cultivating a competitive edge in an ever-changing market. Through a process of constant re-evaluation we are able to respond to the shifting needs of our customer base while optimizing our interface. The result is a satisfied customer that is empowered to move as fast as we do.

Adapting quickly to change

We believe the source of opportunity in P2P lending resides in our ability to embrace change. The general P2P model is relatively new in the history of finance. Therefore we have designed a culture around adapting quickly to changing circumstances. Some of these changes include updating the usability or our interface, bolstering our communication outreach with customers, generating reliable data on annualized returns and educating the market with informative videos and tutorials. The more we engage our audience the more comfort we provide to those new to the P2P model.

A focus on efficiency and costs

As the most licensed platform in Europe we thrive in an environment characterized by constant testing and automation. This process helps to create the best working and cost-optimized solutions. Technology is the primary tool for achieving this end. We have invested greatly in people and IT to create a platform that offers reasonable pricing, fast metrics and usability to stay at the forefront of efficiency.

Mitigating risk

Bondora is built on fundamentals stemming from excellent proprietary bank-level credit analysis. This data is critical to satisfying the due diligence necessary for a successful, risk-conscious, lending model. Speed has the effect of efficiently connecting the lenders to the borrowers. Prices are risk-adjusted based on precise data designed to measure the creditworthiness of each borrower. On the other side of the transaction, the lender has full accessibility to granular-level data on the risk metrics of those forming the portfolio. Transparency creates confidence. Confidence leads to longevity.

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