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Welcome to another post from our monthly series. Here, we talk about the most popular investment methods used by our customers in November and how this has changed since the previous month.

product update - November 2017

product update - October-2017

For the first time since we started this series in September, the amount of investments through Portfolio Pro have slightly decreased. Previously, this had increased month-on-month however in November we saw a 3% reduction coupled with a 3% rise in Portfolio Manager investments.

There are several possible explanations for this:

  • The amount invested through the platform increased by approximately 7% in November compared to the previous month, perhaps this points to beginner investors choosing to use the Portfolio Manager feature while they are still new to Bondora.
  • Investors are choosing the most automated option available with the approaching festive season.
Method Amount Share
Portfolio Manager €2,075,919 65.1%
Portfolio Pro €1,078,887 33.8%
API €33,569 1.1%
Grand Total €3,188,375 100%

Interestingly, November saw an increase of 0.4% in investments made through our API feature. While this only sounds like a small increase, it is still a boost of nearly 58% compared to October.

Take a look at the video below if you’re still unsure how the Portfolio Pro feature works:

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