How to buy loans on the Secondary Market – Bondora (Video)

Hey there! Did you know that you can buy secondhand loans from other investors? Well, you can! On the Secondary Market, investors can exchange their loans amongst themselves. Here’s how to buy loans on the Secondary Market.

First, log into your account and click on the Secondary Market tab on the left side of your screen.

On the Bondora Secondary Market page, you can buy both individual loans and entire portfolios. If you want to buy a portfolio, check the “Show portfolios” box in the upper right corner.

Select the magnifying glass to find the exact type of loans you are looking for. You can filter the available loans on the Secondary Market according to your desired criteria. If you can’t find a specific filter in the overview, select “Add More Filters” in the lower-left corner. Input a name and select “Save filter,” so you don’t have to re-enter the criteria on your next search.

Next, click on the shopping cart icon found on the far right of each row for the investments you wish to buy. Once you’ve added all the loans you want to purchase to your cart, click on the “Buy All” button at the top of the page. Finally, enter the verification code sent to your registered email address to confirm the purchase. You now have successfully purchased loans from the Secondary Market.

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*As with any investment, your capital is at risk and the investments are not guaranteed. The yield is up to 6.75%*p.a. Before deciding to invest, please review our risk statement or consult with a financial advisor if necessary.

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