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Hi there! Today we’ll answer an essential question that many of you have asked. And that is: “How can I contact Bondora Customer Support?”.

In 2020, we redesigned our support site so you can get instant answers to all your questions without needing to contact us first. You can check it out at

This has been a great solution to give you all the answers you need at your fingertips. But sometimes, a little human help is needed. And that’s where our Investor Support team comes in. You can reach out to our dedicated investor specialists via our support site.

Simply type in “support” in the search tab, and select the “How can I contact customer support” article. Fill in the form with all the required information, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope this video helps you get the answers you need.

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Thanks, keep investing, and bye for now.

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