How to sell loans on the Secondary Market – Bondora (Video)

Hey there! In our last video, we explained how to buy loans on the Secondary Market. Today, we’ll show you how to sell them.

To sell your loans on the Secondary Market, switch to the Investments tab on your dashboard main menu. On the right side of each row, you will find the settings options for selling your loans. In the “Discount/Markup” column, enter a negative numeric value if you want to sell the loan at a discount, or enter a positive numeric value if you want to sell it at a premium. Then click on the shopping cart icon next to the loan to add it to your basket.

Once you’ve added all the loans you wish to sell, click the “Sell all” button at the top of the page.

In the following window, you can:

  •  sell the loans as a portfolio and set a price,
  •  sell the loans to a specific user,
  • or cancel the sale if payment is received or rescheduled.

Once finished, click “Continue”. On the next page, enter the verification code sent to your registered email address to confirm the sale.

And that’s it for today.

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Thanks, keep investing, and bye for now.

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