HR loans account for 1.3% of the total share – More P2P stats here

Welcome to the monthly origination post for the data collected in August 2018. Here, we go into detail about the distribution of P2P investments made and some interesting stats per country of origin. If you missed last month’s post, you can check it out here. The total amount invested in the platform in August 2018 was €5,282,035, -2.6% (-€139,310) compared with the previous month. At the time of writing, Bondora has 40,191 investors and €144M of investments through the platform.

Loan Origination by country

While the distribution of investments by country were similar to the previous months, there were some changes again. Estonia still has the highest share of investments at 68.2%, an increase of 7% since the previous month. In comparison, the share in Finland decreased to 28.9%, approximately 7% lower compared to July.

In Spain, we are now seeing a lower share than last month at 2.9% of the total, or €154,980. Even though the share decreased, the average interest rate increased to 57.8% and followed suit in Estonia to 26%. In Finland, the average interest rate decreased to 42.8%.


Share by rating, country and amount

The table below contains the weighted average interest rate, total amount and share per country of origination and rating. Here are some key takeaway’s we can see:

  • Loans graded with an ‘E’ rating account for the highest share of investments at 25.3% of the total, closely followed by ‘D’ rated loans at 21.4%.
  • ‘AA’ rated loans had the lowest percentage originated at 1.1% (€55,105) of the total share (a further decrease since last month), slightly higher was HR rated loans at 1.3% (€70,600).
  • Finnish ‘F’ rated loans account for the highest share in the country’s total originations at 58.6%, approximately 1.5% higher than the previous month.
  • Across lower risk loan ratings (AA-A), the average interest rate is the lowest in Estonia. For B-C ratings, the lowest is in Finland.
  • The lowest average interest rate across all countries was seen in AA rated loans in Estonia at 10.24%, the highest being HR rated loans in Spain at 70.68%.
  • 94.6% of the total share in Spain consists of F and HR rated loans, approximately 1% lower than last month.


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