Impressive Growth for Investments and Originations

In October, we saw favorable increases in investments and originations. Originations exceeded €15M, and investments €14M. This puts us on track for a good Q4 in 2022. Spanish originations exceeded 1M once again. Read more:

Impressive growth for investments and originations.
Impressive growth for investments and originations.

Investment by product

In contrast to September, investments for all products increased in October. All in all, they totaled €14,861,329—a noteworthy 21.3% increase. The specific increases for each product can be seen below:

Go & Grow                      + 21.3%

Portfolio Manager          + 22.1%

Portfolio Pro                  + 19.9%

API                                  + 56.1%

Investment by product – October 2022
Investment by product – October 2022

Once again, Go & Grow’s figures had the most significant effect, as it is the most used investment product, making up 96.9% of all investments. It received €14,404,915 in investments. Portfolio Manager received €268,185, and Portfolio Pro had €186,207. The API made up the remaining €2,022.

Investment by product – October 2022
Investment by product – October 2022

Loan originations

October was a good month for loan originations, with the overall number rising by 19.9% to €15,065,630. Every loan market had increased its originations.

Country breakdown

Finland still has the largest share of originations, totaling 54.2%, which is €8,159,816 worth of loans.

The Estonian market originated €5,104,143 worth of loans, totaling a 33.9% share.

The Spanish market also continues increasing its originations, now taking up a 7.6% share, totaling €1,141,131 worth of loans. This is the 2nd month in a row that this market exceeds €1M in originations.

The Netherlands loan market, launched on 23 September, has increased its origination share to 4.4% of the total portfolio, equaling €660,540 worth of loans.

The average interest rate decreased from 22.6% to 21.8%. Like last month, the average Spanish interest rate remained at 21.8%. Estonia’s average interest rate decreased slightly to 27.2%. In Finland, it increased by 0.1% to 19.7%. The Dutch market average interest rate remained standing at 7.5%.

Origination by country – October 2022
Origination by country – October 2022

As always, C-rated loans are the most populated risk-rating category in all our markets. Estonia’s C-rated share decreased from 23.7% to 21.1%. In contrast, it increased from 46.2% to 49.1% in Finland. We only originate C-rated loans in Spain, making up 7.6%, a decline from September’s 8.5% share. Lastly, we have the Netherlands, where only A-rated loans were originated, totaling a 4.4% share.

In Estonia, the D-rated loan category decreased from 13.3% to 11.4%. The B-rated category continued to climb, growing from 0.6% in September to 0.9% in October.

In Finland, the D-rated category decreased from 2.9% to 2.5%.

Origination by rating/country – October 2022
Origination by rating/country– October 2022

Good gains for loan markets

October made impressive gains for originations and investments. Especially when considering the declines from September. Investment funding increased by 21.3% to over €14M. And loan originations exceeded €15M. This puts us on track for an excellent end-of-year.

Want to see more detailed information? Head to our public statistics page for the most up-to-date stats!

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