What are we working on this month? Improved API, new languages and mobile-friendly pages

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1) Improvements to the Bondora API

We have been making some changes to our API services, including the investments endpoint (GET api/V1/account/investments). Recently, we have increased the maximum results you can get with one query to 10,000 (this will also become the new default value) and changed the throttling limit to 1 request per minute for investments. These changes have been introduced to improve the overall experience for API users.

2) Even distribution of DCA fees

You may notice that from time to time, the DCA fees applied to your investments in recoveries may not show an even amount each month. Inspired by blockchain technology, our team has been working on an update to the system called ‘fractional ownership’ which will make all loan repayment distributions equal across all investors for each payment.

Currently, the distribution is equal but the equality is achieved over multiple payments (by recording how ‘unfair’ the previous payment was and then correcting it the following time for the customers who received more or less). Thereafter, such fluctuations with payments will be eliminated.


3) Mobile-friendly versions of all pages

To improve the overall user experience of our platform and in response to the devices being used by our investors, we are making mobile-friendly versions of all of our pages so you can check your Bondora account on the go.

4) Cash flow forecasting

Last month, we told you we were working on making our cash flow forecasting tool more accurate by increasing the precision of the ratios used and splitting overdue loans from current loans in the forecasts. We’re still working on this and aim to have it completed by the end of January.

5) Full website in 14 languages

Bondora now has investors from 85 countries around the world, so we are working giving users the option to view our website in their own language. Once live, you can change this via the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of our website.

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