Increased regulation in China, UK immigration and more news about Bondora

Geldz met Bondora’s Head of Investor Relations, Matt Clannachan, at the popular Invest conference in Stuttgart in April. In the interview they discussed a variety of topics, including the overall P2P marketplace, common questions about Bondora and a sneak peak in to Bondora’s latest and most simple investment product.


RBC Plus discusses the development of Fintech services available in the Baltic region. Specifically, they state “A growing financial center is also Estonia, where financial companies operating at the local, regional and international levels are located. Among the most popular Estonian financial companies, whose activities deserve attention – Bondora…”


Whatech gave a brief summary of the recent “Europe Digital Lending Market Report 2018” published by Orbis Research. In the report, Orbis mentions Bondora as a “Major Player”.


Finanzfluss published a fantastic in-depth article describing everything you need to know about Bondora, useful for beginners and Bondora veterans. They explore both the advantages and disadvantages, how Bondora is different to other P2P platforms and also give you a walkthrough of opening an account. You can check out an even more detailed overview in their recent video here


Johannes Lortz posted a detailed review in to Bondora’s latest and most simple investment product, Go & Grow. Currently, this is still only available by invitation only to existing investors with the official release coming soon.

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News from around the world

In the UK, Cash ISA’s are a tax-free form of annual savings (usually paying a disappointingly low interest rate). AltFi reports that the number of people using the Cash ISA is decreasing, instead, more a putting their money in Innovative Finance ISA’s which allows people to earn tax free interest even from P2P companies. They discuss: “Figures released from UK Finance show that investment in Cash ISAs in March were just £322m, representing a 42 per cent decrease compared to a total of £773m invested in March 2017”.


CrowdfundInsider reflects on the recent report by Innovative Finance which addressed the UK Fintech sector and the need for qualified executives in this space. They continue:
“The UK association that represents the Fintech industry states the failure to maintain a flexible immigration policy could hinder the UK and undermine its competitive prominence by delivering a shortfall in skilled workers in a post Brexit market. This could lead to a loss of £361 million in the UK Fintech sector in the coming years”.


Forbes published an article where they interviewed representatives of two Chinese P2P platforms and discussed the impact of increased regulation in the country. “As smaller, less competitive firms are winnowed out, companies that are larger and more transparent have risen to the fore. These include Yirendai and Hexindai, both of which are listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ, respectively, and have taken pains to comply with regulations and to seek out higher quality borrowers.

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